Pithy Romantic Ballads

by Little Fyodor



released July 20, 2019

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Brad Smalling at Evergroove Studio in Evergreen, Colorado, with assistants Ethan Kotel and Sam Foreman.

Except 8 and some overdubs on 2, recorded (and 8 mixed) by Colin Bricker at Mighty Fine Studios.

And 5, recorded and mixed by Tricky Dick Wikkit.

And Dave Willey recorded his tracks at Fuzzy Bucket Studio,
Jon Stubbs recorded his tracks at home.

All songs written by Little Fyodor except 5, by Ralph Gean, and 8, by Babushka.

Little Fyodor: guitar, vocals, slide whistle and percussion
Babushka: keyboards, vocals on 2 and 8
Dave Colberg: bass
Tricky Dick Wikkit: drums
Amadeus Tonguefingers: lead guitar
Dave Willey: keyboards on 1 and 2 and accordion on 6
Jon Stubbs: trombones and trumpet


all rights reserved


Track Name: Are You You
Are you you
Or are you something else
Something different
Something strange to me
You're not you
I feel it deep inside
I thought I knew you
What did I know
Where'd that come from
Not of my world
Now you're everywhere
Trying to take over
Or maybe it's just me
Am I losing it
Don't do that to me
I can see through you
Now I'm on the run
At least I think I'm safe

Stay away stay away stay away stay away stay away
Track Name: That Kid's Still Here
There's that kid
That kid's still here

Picking his nose
Wiping it on his clothes
Playing with his shit
Rolling around in it

Believing in Santa Claus
Oblivious to the cost
Lost in a dream
Always about to scream

Picking a fight
Cause he's gotta be right
Gonna tell on you
Nothin' to do

Making a face
Losing the race
Yankin' on dat ding
Now I'm gonna sing

Gooey inside
Till realizing you lied
Waving bye bye
Never understanding why

Hanging his head
Wishing he was dead
Trying to please
While crawling on his knees
Track Name: Franksgiving

We're glad Frank's alive
Frank's glad we're alive
But then you wouldn't even be hearing this
If you weren't alive!


It's great to be alive
Or maybe it sucks to be alive
But you wouldn't even have an opinion
If you weren't alive


Nobody knows
What it's like to be dead
Cause they only ones who could tell us
Are too freakin' dead


You're supposed to say nice
Things about the dead
But you can say nice things about Frank
Even though he's not dead


So happy Franksgiving
To all who are alive
To those not alive
Well sorry, but WE are!

Track Name: Not Good Enough
I'm not good enough
You're not good enough
We're not good enough

You're always making wa
I'm always picking fights

I always seem to shoot off
You're always dropping bombs

I always break agreements
You always sneak attack

I keep pushing buttons
You tie me up in knots

My morals have no zipper
Your prisons are corrupt

Your grievance is eternal
I will not hear your case

We break up into pieces
There's trouble every day

I'm always making war
You're always picking fights

Not good enough....
Track Name: Big Baby For Your Love
I'm a big baby for your love
Just a big baby for your love
Wanna have all of your love
Just gotta have your love
Don't take away your love
Oh give me back your love!

I'm a big baby for your love
Wanna suck in all of your love
Gonna cry without your love
Gonna die without your love
Gonna lie down on the floor without your love
Oh give me that tit of your love!

There's no figuring out this love
It makes no sense this love
I'm a sick dick for your love
Don't understand this love
Just know I gotta have your love
Cause I'm a big baby for your love

I'm a big baby for your love
A big fat baby for your love
Don't give me candy just give me your love
Wanna get wrapped up in your love
Can't think of anything but your love
Gonna scream like a baby for your love
I'm a screaming baby for your love

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